Performance Improvement Services delivered by Practus assisted the healthcare provider in reducing paperwork by ~75% and procurement documentation manhours by ~50%.

About The Company

Client IndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesROISizeProject Duration
A Provider Of Reproductive Health ServicesHealthcare Non-ProfitProfessional~3503x~$500 million (grants)5 months

Healthcare ELM is a non-profit that provides reproductive health care to people worldwide. The company, founded in 1916, is the largest single provider of reproductive health services, with 600+ clinics globally.

Practus’ Role

  • Practus reviewed and analyzed 11 ELM processes and the policies that govern them to understand better their current state and how they affect the employee experience.
  • Practus also conducted Voice of Customer (VOC) interviews with Healthcare ELM employees for feedback on the ELM policies.
  • The objectives of the diagnostic study were:
    • Recognizing gaps and opportunities.
    • Recommending initiatives to address the gaps.

Impact Delivered

  • Employee work satisfaction increased by 20% across the organization.
  • Integrated systems across all the processes resulted in an increase of 3 basis points improvement in user experience for the employees.
  • The use of data-driven decision-making methods increased by 50%.
  • Organizational policy and process awareness program was set up through regular employee communication.
  • Effective and long-lasting change management was implemented.

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