Practus’ automation solutions enabled the technology company to allow the clients to do forecasting automatically, which reduced forecasting time to just half a day.

Client NameIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
The Energy Technology CompanyManufacturing & TradngPrivateProfessionals~150$20 million3 Months

About The Company

   Greenergy is the leading clean energy technology company in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. With one of the broadest footprints of clean energy projects spanning nine countries, the company has installed more than 17,000 solar systems and has the most extensive portfolio of solar rooftops in the GCC. The company has over 175 MW of solar power plants under operation and 500 MW under construction. The company is based out of Middle East, whereas the work was supposed to be done from India.​

Practus’ Role

  • Develop a fully automated forecasting model to enable easy input of assumptions based on specific criteria in one single sheet and get an automated forecast for the next 12 months.​
  • Get results and ensure efficient communication between teams despite the client being in a different country and work done offline.​
  • Create a model for three different business units with different assumptions for each one of them, consolidate them into one, including cost-sharing, remove duplication from the model wherever possible, include HO costs and forecast separately as a separate unit, prepare presentable reports and finally include possibilities for dual currency reporting.​
  • Build-Operate-Transfer of the forecasting exercise of $20 million in just 3 months.​

Impact Delivered

  • Enabled the client to do forecasting automatically. Forecasting time was reduced by half. The number of forecasters was reduced from 4 to 1.​
  • Included scenario analysis in the model, so the concerned authority was able to change the conditions/assumptions and study the impact without reworking the entire model.​
  • Payback delivered within 2 months.​
  • 5x ROI delivered on Practus Fees.​
  • Financial discipline delivered – Financials were available in a single format.​