Practus’ assisted Auto Frenzy in increasing sales by 15% to 20% and reducing distribution costs by 1%.

Client NameROIIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
Auto Frenzy 4.5x$130 million18 months

About The Company

Auto Frenzy has been a leading company in the automobile industry. It has been connected with more than 100 dealers till now for the betterment of its efficiency. It also has approximately 800 stock-keeping units.

Practus’ Role

  • The absence of a SKU in the market results in the presence of counterfeit goods. 
  • Poor After-Sale service to the customers.
  • Expanding of Dealer and Distribution Network.             
  • Increased the number of C&F Agencies from six to ten.
  • Set up Super Distributors.

Important Role

  • Sales – Went up by approx. 15% – 20% of B2C.
  • Distribution cost reduction by 1%.