Practus assisted the IT services company in highlighting the impact of unbilled hours for their Top 5 clients resulting in a potential increase in revenues by $0.5 million.

Client NameIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesROI On FeeSizeProject Duration
Technote Solutions
IT Services
$65 million

1.5 months

About The Company

Technote Solutions is a technology company headquartered in New Jersey, the United States providing information technology and knowledge process outsourcing services. Technote offers an array of services with a global presence in countries like Canada, India, and Malaysia. ​

Practus’ Role

  • Business process mapping for ‘Staffing’ and ‘Solutions’ verticals.​
  • Industry benchmarking to help identify potential avenues in the market to bridge margin gaps.​
  • Deep dive analysis of multiple business models within ‘Staffing’ business.​
  • Identify key areas of margin improvement after detailed stakeholder engagement.​
  • Review of the process of billing and optimal bench utilization.​

Impact Delivered

  • Created path to a potential increase in Gross Margin by 4% with focused efforts on consultant compensations. Effective systems like internal parity for same skill/experience and benchmarking with market medians to streamline their ‘Staffing business’.​
  • Proposed 80-20 model for offshore utilization leading to a potential increase of overall Gross Margin to 19% for their ‘Solutions business’.​
  • Highlighted the impact of unbilled hours for their Top5 clients resulting in a potential increase in revenues by $0.5 million.​