Practus’ enabled the digital reselling platform to process wallet balance refunds of more than 70k partners through payment gateways.

Client NameIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
A Digital Reselling PlatformE-CommercePrivate, PE-BackedProfessional~70$10 million12 Months

About The Company

SellSure is a digital resale platform. A SellSure reseller has access to a large inventory of digital services and physical products that they may resell on social media platforms at no cost or commitment. In 2019, SellSure was acquired by a large and well-known e-commerce platform.​

Practus’ Role

  • Automation and customization for finance requirements in existing SQL.
  • Ensure accurate and timely accounting, as well as a hygiene audit of the books to ensure there is no income or cash leakage.​
  • Order-by-order payment gateway and BOA reconciliations.​
  • Walk between the customer’s advance, the money added, the consumption, the commission charged, and the balance.​
  • Support to assist EY’s auditors in completing the quarterly and annual audits.​
  • Observance of the law and timely submission.​
  • A variety of management information system (MIS) reports.​

Impact Delivered

  • The automated pay-out mechanism prevented late payments, provided fast refunds to customers, and ensured that sellers and resellers were paid on time.​
  • Payment gateways, digital services, physical products, and courier delivery partners are all reconciled on an order-by-order basis, resulting in a $10,000 cash leakage being repaired.​
  • Payment channels were used to repay over 70 thousand partners’ wallet balances.​