Practus’ performance improvement services enabled the healthcare provider to increase employee job satisfaction across the organization by 20%.

Client NameROIIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
ELM  (Employee Lifecycle Management)3cHealth careNon-ProfitProfessional~350~$500 million (grants)5 months

About The Company

Healthify ELM is a non-profit that provides reproductive health care to people all around the world. The company, which was founded in 1916, is the largest single provider of reproductive health services. There are around 600 Healthify clinics around the world. It is a dependable health-care provider, a knowledgeable educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner assisting similar organizations all over the world.​

Practus’ Role

Practus reviewed and analyzed 11 ELM processes along with the policies that govern these processes to understand the current state and how they impact the employee experience. Practus also under an exercise of doing Voice of Customer (VOC)interviews with employees across all levels in the organization to get validated feedback on the ELM policies.

The diagnostic was run with the objective of:

  • Identifying gaps and opportunities and
  • Suggest appropriate actions to bridge the gaps.

Impact Delivered

  • The formation of policies and process awareness inside the organization is ensured through regular communication channels.​
  • The requirement for integrated systems across all processes in order to provide a better user experience for employees resulted in a 3 basis point improvement in the user experience.​
  • Employee work satisfaction increased by 20% across the organization.​
  • Change management that is both effective and long-lasting..​
  • The use of data-driven decision-making methods increased by 50%.​