Let ‘Purpose’ be our North Star

The North Star or the Pole Star or Polaris, is a bright star visible to the naked eye, with a stable position close to the North Pole. It has been used for navigation for ages because of its still position. In our life, that is the role ‘purpose’ plays. It shows us the path while remaining unchanged. Let’s not confuse it with goals that have an end date. Purpose has no expiry. Also, what we are talking about is not the purpose ‘of’ life. It is the purpose ‘in’ life. Once we find our purpose in life or the ‘why’, we can engage wholeheartedly with anything we intend to take up.

On the personal side, Purpose motivates, guides our decisions, shapes our attitude and behavior, influences our goals, and provides a sense of direction. It gives meaning to our life. On the professional front, purpose directs us towards meaningful work, which in turn provides job satisfaction and ultimately, satisfaction in life. Each one of us may have a different purpose and a different path.

Pursuing one’s life’s purpose is very important; it helps find the answers to some fundamental questions like, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What does fulfillment mean to me?’ A lot is discussed about joy, contentment, and fulfillment, but we often fail to realize that these are matters that need to be experienced rather than discussed. We don’t realize that when we pursue our purpose, we indirectly contribute to the lives of those around us, and the world at large. Our purpose defines our relationship with life.

A lot of people are worried about finding a purpose. Why do we have to make it a complicated affair? Let it be simple. The purpose should be such that achieving it doesn’t tire us. Rather, it should drive us automatically. The purpose cannot be about one activity in particular. It is about me as a person. It is about how I live. I have to find out what lights me up, or what I can do differently that would light me up. Find out what brings me joy and avoid what drains my energy. What in my experience adds meaning to my life? It is neither too technical, difficult, or complicated, nor a fantasy. It is a simple thing that needs conviction and taking action. It needs some introspection and a lot of persistence. I must honor my values, respect what I love to do, and start moving towards that.

Some people feel that it is impossible to do justice to meaning and purpose in life because of the practicalities of life. In the long run, however, they realize that it is the sense of purpose that sustains one over time.

So, find your purpose and let it be your North Star. Let it guide you personally and professionally. Feel the boost in your optimism and resilience, explore your passions and interests, and experience how purpose leads you to what each one of us ultimately looks for, JOY.