alt= "Varun Shankarnarayan, Engagement Leader at Practus, discusses how to strengthen the partnership between CFOs and CIOs:

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, CFOs and CIOs are under pressure to make strategic decisions that leverage technology to achieve business goals. This blog breaks down why collaboration between these two C-suite leaders is crucial and how to strengthen the CFO-CIO partnership in the era of Industry 4.0.

Deloitte’s 2023 CFO InsightsTM report indicates that 26% of CFOs understand that their role has expanded beyond finance and accounting: they are now strategic partners who lead organizational change and business transformation. CIOs are also experiencing an evolution in their roles, as 43% reported that they are now expected to lead a wider variety of organizational initiatives, ranging from tech fluency and strategic planning to DEI and ESG efforts.  

Why Collaboration Matters 

The increasing importance of technology in finance necessitates a more collaborative approach between the CFO and the CIO. Here’s why: 

  • Identifying the right tech investments: Deciding whether to adopt new technologies early or wait and see can be a challenge. CFOs and CIOs, with their unique perspectives on business needs and technological capabilities, are well-positioned to make informed decisions together.


  • Understanding the business value of technology: CIOs understand the technical aspects, but CFOs can translate that into how it benefits the bottom line. Through collaboration, they can present a unified vision to the C-suite. 

Strengthening the partnership between the CFO and CIO is crucial for driving organizational success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. By fostering mutual understanding, prioritizing effective communication, and aligning on strategic goals, these leaders can unlock significant value and future-proof their organization. Here are the key steps to achieving a robust CFO-CIO partnership: 

  • Fostering mutual understanding is crucial to a successful CFO-CIO partnership. CFOs should recognize and appreciate the strategic contributions of CIOs, while CIOs need to be aware of how their decisions impact the organization’s financial health. 
  • Effective communication goes a long way in driving synergy. Regular, continuous conversations to prevent misunderstandings, build trust, and ensure alignment. Establish an open channel of communication and provide clear project briefs that outline responsibilities and expectations. 
  • Embrace digital transformation to stay competitive and resilient. Maintaining the technological status quo will hold the organization back as we approach Industry 5.0. With 76% of finance leaders believing in the pivotal strategic role of digital transformation, it’s imperative to integrate these initiatives into the company’s overall goals. 
  • Collaborate on strategic technology initiatives to future-proof the organization. Joint efforts in strategic technology initiatives facilitate business objectives, allowing all team members to fully leverage their combined expertise and drive business success.  
  • Focus on organizational success above individual departmental wins. This shared focus helps both leaders work cohesively, driving the organization forward.

Driving Synergies 

Through collaboration, developing a shared language, and pursuing common goals, the CFO and CIO can help the business stay ahead of technology trends, make strategic investments, and better prepare for an increasingly fast-paced future. A well-developed plan for CFO and CIO alignment can unlock untapped organizational capabilities and drive success. 

To enhance this partnership, creating cross-functional teams with members from both finance and IT can foster collaboration and knowledge sharing on specific projects. Additionally, developing technological fluency among CFOs and improving financial literacy among CIOs can bridge gaps in understanding and enhance decision-making. CEO involvement is also crucial; by setting clear expectations and resolving conflicts between the CFO and CIO, the CEO can foster a culture of collaboration. 

In summary, the synergy between the CFO and CIO is essential for driving digital transformation and achieving strategic goals. By prioritizing technology investments, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and ensuring CEO involvement, organizations can position themselves for long-term success and resilience. 

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