Media, Entertainment & Gaming

Video streaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, podcasting, cloud gaming, esports, mobile gaming are more popular than ever! Growing at an unprecedented rate – both content creators and content consumers with AI-driven personalized content – are shaping the media and gaming industry. Due to faster mobile processing, better internet connectivity and bandwidth, and word-of-mouth, trendy content becomes an international rage in less than a day!

Technology-Driven Paradigm Shift

Technology is playing a huge role in how content is created and consumed. Algorithms, AI, big data, analytics are being used for a better consumer experience. Users can now directly interact and support content creators – forcing large media houses to take a keen interest in funding media startups in synch with content consumption trends.

Practus has empowered MNC and privately-owned media, entertainment, and gaming companies with internal finance control, consolidation tools, DSO improvement, and post-merger integration support. Using the latest technology solutions, Practus has designed compliance trackers and dashboards, implemented automation for employee claims and cash flow forecast, and provided BI for faster and efficient business decisions.

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Print, Radio, TV

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The traditional media are far more susceptible to changing fortunes due to rapidly changing audience trends, consumers unwilling to pay for content, subdued growth, lack of loyalty, and its effects on advertising revenue. Due to large capital investment and long gestation period, low advertising inventory utilization, uncertainty around major sporting events, and disruption due to online news, OTT, and audio streaming services the traditional media need experts who can help with business transformation.

Practus can track advertisement realizations per unit, ROI on user engagement, and specific content acquisition. The reconciliation of receivables, measuring returns of content licensing with partners, and profitability of different media content can help with performance improvement. End-to-end automation of daily business and BI systems can lead to better data-driven decision-making.

OTT and Films

Changing viewership habits and accessibility of affordable internet have influenced the consumption of OTT content and films.

Practus assists with solutions for business issues like heavy expenditure for content acquisition, long gestation periods, dependency on advertising revenue, price-sensitive subscriptions, piracy, low screen penetration, invest in technology for better quality production, content monetization opportunities, and high customer acquisition costs coupled with lower viewer loyalty.

Being prepared for a dynamic market, the F&A challenges that Practus resolves to include valuation of the content, pricing decisions for different distribution mediums, devising innovative pricing strategies, accurate measurement of the fully-loaded cost incurred, measuring the success of tie-ups with third-party distributors, reconciliation of receivables, and automation of BI systems to enable daily reporting of business metrics for data-driven decision-making.


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Non-OTT digital has been making waves in the M&E sector. The challenges in the digital sector range from dependence on advertising revenue to the credibility of digital ad spend and ROI measurements. There are cases of ad frauds due to misuse of CPC, inability to measure CPL and CPA, and falling ad rates in terms of CPMs due to growing inventory. The industry is prone to cyber risks, privacy risks, and data breaches too.

Practus devises the right monetization strategy for digital content, helps to determine the right pricing strategy and building sensitivity analysis, measuring ROI on various content sharing platforms, reconciliation of receivables from partners and advertisers, and automation of BI systems for data-driven decision-making.

Online Gaming

One of the fastest-growing markets, online gaming and e-sports are driving users and time spent in the media and entertainment sector. Practus assists with both, business and finance issues that are rampant as regulations are still evolving. Concerns like player collusion, chargebacks, user churn, bonus abuse, and account takeover need to be handled at the frontend while finding and retaining developers with a good understanding of the gaming culture is paramount for continued success.

Practus brings valuable expertise with financial aspects, specifically related to the selection of payment processor, offering multiple payments and withdrawal options, complexity in money movement and reconciliation of transactions, revenue recognition and accounting of intangible assets, budget management, and data integration and filtration. We also help navigate with legal regulations as betting on sports varies as per the rule of the land.

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