Practus’ CFO Solutions assisted the diagnostic center in improving DSO by 3 days for B2C and 25 days for B2B.

Client NameROIIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
A Diagnostic Center10XDiagnostic/Tech ProviderPromoterProfessional180$4 million12 months

About The Company

The Wellness In Life Company claims to be the world’s smallest diagnostic center. It is made up of diagnostic centers, tech platforms, and product manufacturers. Both B2B and B2C models were in use. The market concept was unusual in that it offered more than 60 tests in 20 minutes and a report in 30–45 minutes, which was loaded into the user app and could be converted to PDF for a doctor’s appointment.​

Practus’ Role in CFO Services

  • Raising funds for the organization.​
  • A leadership role, as defined by the management of the FP&A function, as well as involvement in business decisions.​
  • EBITDA should be increased.​
  • Corporate Management.​
  • Negotiations with high-profile customers and vendors.

Impact Delivered in CFO Services

  • Improvement in collection: the DSO for the B2C model improved by 2–3 days.​
  • Collection time was reduced by 25 days for the B2B model.​
  • EBITDA was increased through reducing expenses, driving unit economics, and implementing a pricing strategy.​
  • Contributed to the $2 million fundraising drive.​
  • Improvement in valuation by becoming involved in CAPEX investment decision-making.

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