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The real estate sector is one of the recognized worldwide. In a year of unprecedented challenges and economic uncertainty, the managed real estate market continued to grow to $10.5 trillion in 2020 and has risen 1.6 times from what it was in 2010. Challenging demographic and behavioral shifts, the real estate sector is powering ahead with affordable housing and cities with a growing workforce.

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Adapting in Tough Times

Investing in the post-pandemic real estate market may necessitate some adjusting to optimize the use of funds for better performance and growth. Practus offers solutions to strengthen financial systems and internal controls to specifically track cash flow and budgets for various projects.

Practus also allows monitoring and red flags in case of deviations in project payment from the budget, implement ERP, improve margins with better control over procurement, and also strengthens controls to reduce time to invoicing, certification, accelerate collections, improve inventory control, and accounting at the location level. We assist to improve site-level costing, provide timely submission of MIS reports to track business performance, forecast project cost overruns, and reduce billing delays.

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