Chemicals & Plastics

Changes in economic, social, environmental, and political expectations are likely to have an even bigger influence in defining the destiny of the Chemicals and Plastics industry as it enters 2021. Nanotechnology, 5G network, an ecosystem-based on Circular Economy and Sustainability, and Digitalization are driving innovation and recycling efforts.
Companies must examine several focused strategic efforts across main functional areas, such as R&D and technology, to successfully move towards the evolving industry landscape of the chemical market. Whereas the global plastic market size was valued at $579.7 billion in 2020.

New Prospects on the Horizon

Too much attention in the short term could lead to Chemical and Plastic companies failing to provide sustainable prospects, including innovative investment, emerging applications, and the adoption of new business models that provide sustainable growth.

Practus can assist Chemicals and Plastics companies with a competitive advantage by ensuring that the variations in global demand are rapidly adjusted with transaction reconciliation, designing offset accounts, IFRS depreciation, improve cash flow management, and weed out inefficiencies in the capital cycle. We also provide corporate appraisal, establish a business plan, decide on investment capital in new companies, and review our finance and IT operations.

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