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The CFO plays a crucial role in finance, accounting, and decision-making. There is an obligation of hiring a CFO or Interim CFO as all the companies require a person with expertise in finance for overseeing the operational and non-operation financial activities, and take major decisions related to the budgeting and finance for the short and long-term goals of the organization.

Organizations benefit from the Office of CFO in strategy/governance, business plans, fundraising, business decision-making support, partner assurance, deal assistance, business process improvement, and operational support.


Practus delivers functional expertise by capitalizing on sector-specific capabilities. The unique challenges of each industry necessitate specialized sector champions who can create solutions that work in the long term.

Using Automation via sector-specific tools and process improvement initiatives brings efficiencies for our clients and improves key business metrics.

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Practus' finance transformation services enabled EdTech to evaluate and implement a suitable...

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Practus' Finance Transformation Solutions offered this Pre-school chain better visibility in their...
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