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Industry 4.0 is propelling industrial manufacturing with smart manufacturing features including automation, robotics, AI, 3D printing, and IoT. There is a rising demand for revolutionizing manufacturing facilities and processes to remain profitable.

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Stay Competitive, Adapt Technology

The human quest for inventions, marketplace and strategies to capture those marketplaces and gain competitive advantage has led us to Industry 4.0 where industrial advancements are changing the way nearly every manufacturing unit operates. A BCC Research paper estimates the global manufacturing and process control market to be at $117.7 billion by 2025.

Practus encourages the adoption and implementation of new-age technologies which are affordable and easy to deploy. Using automation, AI and ML used for inventory management, supply chain, forecasting to save time and improve efficiencies, putting in place a well-defined F&A structure and systems, ERP with cloud-based SaaS, MIS, payroll, and tax management that deliver profitability for industrial manufacturing and engineering sector.

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