Textiles & Apparels

Segmented by application type, material, process, and geography, the textile and apparel industry had a major setback due to the pandemic. Coping with the slowdown, the industry is rising with rapid industrialization and evolving technology. Highly efficient modern installations, adoption of automation, virtual fashion shows, shifting focus towards non-woven fabrics, sustainable fashion, and the increasing demand for natural fibers are expected to help the industry tide over.

Transforming Textile and Apparel

A typically labor-intensive industry, textile manufacturers are seeking to increase productivity and produce high-quality goods. By embracing computerized data monitoring, CAD, automation for fabric cutting, pressing, finishing the industry is remaining competitive.

Practus assists textile manufacturers with inventory reduction, efficient production cycle, flexibility, quality, and shorter lead-time in manufacturing. With the introduction and adoption of new technologies in the finance function and business, Practus has delivered automation in budgeting, forecasting, planning, and operational processes, reduced manual intervention, and improved the visibility of real-time and end-to-end information dashboards for management reviews.

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Performance Improvement Services for a Home Textile Providers

Practus' performance improvement services assisted the consumer durables company in developing business...
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