IT, IT Services, ITeS, and BPO are all terms that are frequently used interchangeably in a variety of contexts. IT (Information Technology) refers to the entire range of information-processing technologies, including software, hardware, communication technologies, and related services.

The drivers of the sector have expanded beyond cost-saving to include other key influencers such as the need for sustained performance improvement, access to a global talent pool, and the need for a flexible and scalable organization – prompting organizations to re-evaluate and restructure their business strategies.

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The implications of these megatrends, as well as the changing global technology and business services landscape, in identifying innovative and disruptive technologies that will shape the enterprise of the future for companies to stay relevant and at the forefront of innovation to serve the needs of enterprises.

Practus has helped companies owned by tech entrepreneurs, founders, and PE/VC-funded, to align their digital transformation strategy with their overall business strategy. While the gap between firms is wide – those who lag may be able to start closing it by utilizing our services for F&A structuring, assist in enterprise valuation, reduce TAT for monthly MIS, implement automated invoicing software, automating product-level profitability monitoring, and improve pricing policy

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IT Services

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The rate of technological innovation is astounding. IT organizations now provide faster, better, reliable, and efficient digital services. To remain competitive, the company should incorporate cutting-edge technology into all of its activities. While IT services range from basic to complex, businesses are increasingly aware of the critical and reliable role they play in running their operations.

Deploying automation strategically, Practus assists with scalable solutions that manage complex hybrid IT workloads. We create and deploy IT automation that is central to improving efficiencies, workforce management, billing, and collections. The dynamic environments need an adaptable framework that allows for determining if an investment into software development will be positive before development. Practus can assist you in advancing your plan by investing in people, sharing information across the organization, and managing and expanding governance expertise.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Organizations strive to expand their market by reaching out to new customers and areas regularly. As more and more companies adopt BPM, technological innovation, and automating processes, employees find themselves focussing on more strategic tasks. A business process management framework can help companies improve operational efficiencies and overcome market challenges. The concept of business process management is becoming more widely acknowledged, and enterprises all over the world are forming fruitful partnerships with third-party vendors.

Practus provides world-class business process management services that add significant value to clients and increase their return on investment. Companies grow more agile and flexible, Practus assists with bots for process automation, adaptive case management (Intelligent BMPS), readymade low-code solutions that can be customized, and increased quality collaboration with the workforce. You can optimize your company processes and increase efficiency and profitability by working with Practus.

Software Products and Engineering Services

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Most IT projects are conceptual, to design and develop software solutions that cater to a wide range of consumer needs. Even the most basic application or product requires developers to understand the underlying business concept and include the essential features to keep up with increasing client demands. Software development is influenced by a variety of factors such as increasing complexities, market conditions, changing technology trends, and increasing software development issues.

Practus collaborates with IT companies to strengthen their financial positions by providing project/product profitability, get cost estimations for development, monitor revenue lifecycle, forex management, generate real-time financial information and automated forecasts. We assist with business and pricing strategies and implement project management to avoid cost overruns and delays in delivery, which further delay billings and collections. Practus helps in operations and HR function with performance tracking, and people management for better synergies between sales and development teams.


The server and PC market has been in a steady decline, whereas the external storage market is growing rapidly. The vision of the CIOs, along with political, social, and ecological factors are driving the sales in the hardware market. The hardware industry is concentrated among few key brands that capture maximum market share and revenues. Excessive dependence on the salesforce and high cost of funding are other challenges in the hardware business.

Practus assists smaller and mid-sized companies to utilize inventory optimization tools to identify areas in their inventory storage model where costs can be liquidated, freeing up cash flow for investment into sales and marketing promotions. More cash flow means a healthier, more competitive business. Practus helps to increase the EBIDTA, by getting the distribution channel to source similar products from OEM’s at a lesser rate and thus improving the margins.

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